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A gentleman, who came from Foggia, Italy, was 62 years old in 1919 and he walked using two canes. He had fallen from a carriage breaking his legs. The doctors had been unable to help him. After confessing himself to Padre Pio, the friar told him: "Stand up and go away! You have to throw away these canes. That man carried out the order and started to walk by himself again. All of the witnesses were astonished.


Another extraordinary event happened in 1919 in San Giovanni Rotondo. A gentleman was 14 years old in 1919. When he was four years old he caught typhus. He also developed a side effect.  His back  became deformed.  Once he confessed himself to padre Pio who touched him with his holy hands. Suddenly the boy stood up and the  deformity in his back disappeared.


Grazia was a peasant who was twenty-nine years old. She had been blind from birth. She used to go to the little Church of the convent in order to meet padre Pio. Once Father Pio asked her "if she wanted to see", "Of course, I would!" answered the girl, "but I want to see, only if this is not due to me, not to any pity", "Well, you will recover said padre Pio and he sent her to Bari, Italy where there was a very good doctor who was the husband of one of padre Pio's friends. But the doctor, after checking the patient's eyes, told his wife: "There's no hope for this girl!  Padre Pio can heal her only by a miracle but I must send her back home without operating on her." His wife insisted and told her husband: "But if padre Pio has sent her to could at least try to operate on her, at least on one of her eyes."  The doctor agreed and operated on both of her eyes. Grazia's eyes were healed! She could see now. When she was back in San Giovanni Rotondo, she ran to the convent and she knelt down at padre Pio's feet. The friar ordered her to stand up. She told him "Bless me, Father...bless me! So he marked the sign of the Cross on her but she was still waiting to be blessed. In fact, when she was a blind woman, padre Pio used to bless her by making the sign of the Cross on her head with his hand. So at that point padre Pio said: "How do you want to be blessed? With a bucket of water poured on your head?


A woman said “In 1947 I was thirty-eight years old and I had been suffering cancer of the intestine. The cancer was found by x-ray, and it was decided to operate. Before going to the hospital I wanted to visit San Giovanni Rotondo to meet Padre Pio. My husband, my daughter and one of her friends, took me to him. I desired to confess my sins to Padre Pio and to speak with him concerning my disease, but it was not possible to meet him. My husband told my problem to one of the friars. That friar was much moved and he promised to report all to Padre Pio. In a short time I was asked to go into the corridor of the convent where Padre Pio would pass. Padre Pio walked through the crowd, but he was interested only in me. He asked me the reason for which I was so distraught and told me I was thinking correctly concerning the surgeon. After that he encouraged me and he said he’d pray to God for me. I was amazed. In fact, he did not know the surgeon who was going to perform the operation, and nobody told him that I was the right person to speak to in the crowd. Yet, he appeared to know both the surgeon and me. I faced my operation hopeful and with peace. The surgeon was the first one who spoke of a miracle. He performed an appendectomy despite previous x-rays that showed cancer. The surgeon did not believe in God, but since then he put a crucifix in each room of the hospital. There was no evidence of cancer anymore. After this miracle and a short time of rest I returned to San Giovanni Rotondo in order to meet with Padre Pio. The saintly friar was going to the sacristy when he suddenly stopped and smiled at me - he said: “What do you know? You have come back here!”...and he gave me his hand to kiss, which I affectionately held in my hands.


A gentleman said: “My left knee was swollen for days and I had great pain in that part of my leg. The doctor told me the situation was very serious and he prescribed a lengthy series of injections. Before starting the treatment I wanted to go to Padre Pio. After my confession I spoke to him about my knee and I asked him to pray for me. When I was leaving San Giovanni Rotondo that afternoon, the pain disappeared. I observed my knee and noted it was not swollen anymore! Both my legs were now normal. So I immediately ran to Padre Pio in order to thank him. He said: “You do not have to thank me, but you have to thank God!  Afterwards, he added smiling: “Tell your doctor he can get the injections himself”.


A woman said: “I had a normal pregnancy in 1952, but during the birth some problems occurred. My son was born with complications and I needed a blood transfusion. But, because of the emergency they did not properly assess which type of blood I needed. I am “O” type but they gave me “A” type. The following consequences were very serious: high fever, convulsions and a pulmonary constriction along with other health problems. A priest was even called in order to give me holy viaticum, and he had to give it to me with a little water because I was in a very bad condition. When my relatives took the priest to the gate, I was alone. At that point Padre Pio appeared to me by showing me his stigmatized hands. He said: “I am Padre Pio, you will not die! Pray with me an “Our Father” and in the future you will come to San Giovanni Rotondo to meet with me.” The result of this apparition was the following: I was going to die some minutes before and I stood up and sat down some minutes later. When my relatives came back to my room they found me praying. I invited them to pray together with me and I told them about the vision. We prayed and my health got better. All the doctors realized a miracle had occurred. I went to San Giovanni Rotondo after several months in order to thank Padre Pio. I met with him and he gave me his hand to kiss. When I was thanking him I smelt the famous Padre Pio perfume. He told me: “You received a miracle but you do not have to thank me. The Sacred Heart of Jesus sent me to rescue you because you are devoted to His Heart and you practised the Nine First Friday’s of the month.”


A lady told: “In 1953 I had a medical check and x-rays because of pains to the abdomen. The situation was very serious: I needed an urgent operation. A friend of mine, to whom I confided my problem, suggested to me: “write a letter to padre Pio in order to ask for his prayers and help”. I had an answer in which padre Pio suggested me to go to hospital: he would pray for me there. So I went to hospital and I had a medical check-up and x-rays again prior to facing the operation. But the same doctors who told me I was seriously sick were astonished and realized I did not have the serious illness anymore. After forty years I am still thanking Padre Pio for his help. In fact he does not deny his powerful help to whoever asks for help.


A lady said: “In 1954, my father, who was a railway-man, fell ill with a strange disease which immobilized his legs. He was forty-seven years old at the time. He was treated by a lot of doctors without any success and after approximately two years of treatment my father was going to have to retire from his work. Since the situation got worse, my uncle suggested my father to go to San Giovanni Rotondo where a friar had been living to whom God had given a lot of gifts. So my father went to San Giovanni Rotondo with my uncle’s help, facing a lot of problems. In the Church he met Padre Pio who said: “Let that railway-man  pass!” Yet, Padre Pio had never met my father before then so he could not know my father was a railway-man. Anyway, Padre Pio and my father met and spoke to each other for some minutes. Later, Padre Pio put his hand on my father’s shoulder, he consoled my father and he encouraged him with a smile. As soon as my father left Padre Pio, he realized he had been healed. While my father took in his hand the tools he needed to walk he was not using them anymore, my uncle followed him astonished.


A gentleman, who came from the south of Italy in Puglia, was a famous atheist in this region. He was well known for the fervor with which he fought the Catholic Religion. His wife was a Catholic woman but her husband had strictly forbidden her to go to church and speak about God to their children. In 1950 that man fell ill. The doctors made a serious diagnosis: he had two cancers, the first one in the brain, the second one behind the right ear. There was no hope for him! Here is his report: “I was taken to the hospital in Bari. I was very frightened by the pain and the thought of death. The fear drove me to pray to God. I had not prayed since I was a child. They moved me from Bari to Milan in order to try to operate on me and save my life. The doctor, who visited me, told me the operation was very difficult and there were a lot of doubts about its outcome. At night, when I was in Milan, I dreamt of Padre Pio. He came to touch my head and he told me: “Don’t worry you will recover in the future”. The morning after, I felt better! The doctors were astonished because of my improvement, however they thought it was necessary to operate on me. On my part, I was very terrified of the operation so I escaped from the hospital just some minutes before going into the operation room and I hid myself in my relative’s house in Milan, where my wife was as well. Some days later I had pain again and I went back to hospital. The doctors did not want to take care of me anymore but they did. They made other checks before going ahead with the operation. At the end of the medical checks all the doctors were astonished to realize, that I had no cancers. I was astonished too because I had smelt the scent of violets during the medical checks and I knew it was a signal of Padre Pio’s presence. I asked for the doctor’s bill before leaving the hospital but the doctor told me: “I haven’t done anything in order to heal you so you do not have to pay me”. When I went back home I wanted to go to San Giovanni Rotondo to thank Padre Pio. I was sure he had healed me. But when I arrived at the church convent, I started to have pain again. It was so painful I fainted! Two men carried me up to the Padre Pio’s confessional. As soon as I saw him I said: “I have five children and I am very sick, save me father, save my life.” - He answered: “I am not God, nor Jesus Christ, I am just a priest like any other priest, not more, maybe less. I can not do miracles!  I implored crying “Please, Father, save me.” Padre Pio turned his eyes to the sky and I saw his lips praying. At that same moment I smelt the scent of violets I had smelt in hospital. Father Pio told me: “Go home and pray! I will pray for you! You will recover! - I went home and the pain disappeared.


A gentleman said in 1950, my mother-in-law was taken to a hospital for an operation. She had cancer in the left breast. In fact, it was necessary to operate on the right side some months later, but due to the dissemination of the cancer cells in her body, the doctors said she could not live more than four months. In Milan somebody told us about Padre Pio and his miracles to us. I immediately went to San Giovanni Rotondo and I awaited my turn for confession. I asked Padre Pio to help my wife’s mother and heal her. Padre Pio sighed long twice and said: “We have to pray, everybody has to pray. She will recover! It happened! In fact my mother-in-law recovered after her operation and she went by herself to San Giovanni Rotondo to thank Padre Pio who smiling told her: “Go in peace, my daughter! Go in peace!” - Instead of four months my mother-in-law  lived for nineteen years! We all have thanked father Pio for years.




Please help the Padre Pio foundation in this world of pain and hunger Please donate, all donations are tax deductible. Thank you.


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